Renewal of the historical cross-border road connection of Plesná – Bad Brambach (-Aš) – Plesná segment

The ‘Renewal of the historical cross-border highway connection of Plesná – Bad Brambach (-Aš) – Plesná segment’ was ceremoniously launched on 13 March 2017.

Construction period: 2017/03 - 2018/10
Total value of the contract: 21 787 709 CZK excluding VAT

The project is a major investment by the picturesque town of Aš in the western Bohemian borderlands. Represented by Regional President Jana Vildumetzová at the ceremony, the Karlovy Vary Region itself has played a significant role in the commencement of the project connecting the town of Plesná and neighbouring Bad Brambach. The importance of this project is underscored by the participation of the German Provincial Council and a representative from the Ministry of Regional Development. Speakers, including Mayor Schaller, wished the construction project smooth implementation and a successful completion, which is anticipated in October 2018. In support of the Europe without Borders idea, the project provides an important connection between the two border towns.

Basic project information:

Existing road III/21240, which ends at the state border, is currently used in the section from the state border to the crossroads with Celní St. for pedestrians and cyclists (a traffic sign prohibits vehicles). This section of the route is paved with asphalt. The terrain slopes toward the river. In the first section of about 300 m, the road is built on the existing path. The road then continues across Plesná River near the grounds of Mavex s.r.o. and continues along the right bank of the river (planned downstream) down to a new roundabout. The road runs along the Plesná over grass-covered land, partially crossing into the grounds of the firm Tosta. In the centre of the town the new road connects to the existing road network with a bridge over the Plesná. The area in the northern part in front of the town office lacks traffic clarity. The road surface in the centre is raddled with frequent pot holes. The terrain in the central part is flat and slightly sloping toward the river. The Plesná itself is bounded by old walls near the bridge.

The project involves the relaying of road III/21240 from the state border toward the centre of the town of Plesná. In the first section of about 300 m, the road is built on the existing path. The road then continues across the Plesná River near the grounds of Mavex s.r.o. and continues along the right bank of the river (planned downstream) down to a roundabout. The beginning of the town centre is considered before bridge 204 and the crossroads with Celní St. A roundabout set partially on bridge structures will be built in the space before the existing bridge over the Plesná in the town centre. Kostelní St. will have a dead end and the other roads are connected to the roundabout. Parking spaces will be built in front of Plesná Town Hall in the northern part of the square. Repairs will also be made to the crossroads with Celní St. near the roundabout and the crossroads near Mavex s.r.o. Zahradní St. will be modified in the same way. The Plesná riverbed near the town centre will again be led through an embankment. The project also includes the relaying of utility lines, i.e. water and sewerage lines, electricity lines not owned by ČEZ, communication cables and a stream to the fish hatcheries. The new II/21240 road up to the roundabout in the town centre is designed in category MS2 7.5/50.


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