Modernization of the II//208 roadway Hlinky - Bochov

On September 9, 2020, the ceremonial handover of this project and its opening to traffic was held.

Construction period: 2019/06 - 2020/09
Total value of the contract: 107 179 685 CZK excluding VAT
Contractor:"II/208 Hlinky - Bochov Company" consortium of companies along with EUROVIA CS, a.s.
Project length:11.39 km

Construction parameters

Modernization of the II/208 roadway in the Karlovy Vary region in the operating station km 15.064 - 26.970 with a total length of 11,392 m.

The subject of works was the modernization of the asphalt cover of the roadway, including optimization of the transverse slope and local rehabilitation of the upper asphalt base layer with a slight adjustment of the width, renewal of unpaved curb, modernization of existing exits and culverts, reprofiling of road ditches and other drainage equipment posts, renewal and addition of permanent traffic signs. The project included reconstruction of the bridge ev. No. 208-005 too.

Most of the project is located in an undeveloped area between the villages of Bochov, Německý Chloumek and Hlinky. II/208 road is a two-way two-lane roadway with a variable reinforcement width in the concerned section. On average, the width of the reinforcement ranges from 5.8 to 6.5 m. The width arrangement is made as an extra-urban one with a curb and a ditch.


Mar 16

Fiscal Year 2021 of the Group

The Board of Directors of Colas met to finalize the 2021 financial statements

Feb 23

Colas joins the #StOpE initiative to end everyday sexism in the workplace

On January 25, 2022, the Colas Group, represented by Frédéric Gardès, Chairman and CEO, joined #StOpE, an initiative dedicated to combatting so-called “everyday” sexism in the workplace. Colas is the first company in the construction sector to sign on to the program.

Dec 16

Colas renews its commitment to road safety

On Wednesday, December 8, Frédéric Gardès, Chairman and CEO of Colas, signed the "Seven Commitments for a Safer Road" with Marie Gautier-Melleray, France’s Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety. Over the last 24 years, Colas has been acting in partnership with public authorities to improve road safety, and will continue to play a strong role in the future with the new agreement.

Dec 6

Kácov bridge

The Kácov bridge project involves the construction of a new three-span road bridge with a total length of approximately 75 m over the Sázava River. COLAS CZ built the new bridge to replace the existing structure, which is no longer suitable due to poor condition, limited load capacity and unsuitable geometric parameters for traffic crossing.

Sep 22

Repair of overpass over Chlumecká Street on Prague Ring Road

Two new bridges will replace obsolete overpass in eastern part of metropolis

Aug 31

Aquisition of the Finnish company Destia

Colas signs an agreement to acquire Destia, a major player in the road and rail markets in Finland


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