D5 motorway Rozvadov at km 148.9 - 150.8

This project is located in a rural area nearby the Rozvadov crossing at the Czech/German border.

Construction period: 2016/07 - 2016/09
Total value of the contract: 19 513 334 CZK excluding VAT

Customs and passport control were cancelled at the Rozvadov border crossing with Czech Republic’s entry into the Schengen Area effective 21 December 2007. Trucks and passenger cars were permitted to use the former customs areas off the motorway itself as a rest area.

A total of 1504.6 m2 of pavement will be replaced in the area of the former roof shelters between the former island structures.

The pavement itself will comprise the following elements:

mastic asphalt later modified with polymer PMB 45/80-60 with milling on the SMA 11S surface 40 mm ČSN EN 13108-5
spray applied bonding emulsion with PS-EP modification 0.30 kg/m² ČSN 73 6129
very coarse asphalt concrete modified with polymer PMB 25/55-60 ACL 22S 80 mm ČSN EN 13108-1
spray applied bonding emulsion with PS-EP modification 0.30 kg/m² ČSN 73 6129
coarse grained coated aggregate ACP 22S 60 mm ČSN EN 13108-1
spray applied bonding emulsion with PS-E 0.30 kg/m² ČSN 73 6129
coarse grained coated aggregate ACP 22S 60 mm ČSN EN 13108-1
penetrating spray thinned with asphalt emulsion 1.0 kg/m² ČSN 73 6129
chipseal layer using fraction 0/32 MZKGA aggregates 200 mm ČSN 73 6126-1
crushed gravel, fraction 0/45 ŠDA min. 210 mm ČSN 73 6126-1

The project involves the removal of the existing portal structure installed on the main route at km 149.860 to 150.375. The guardrails require a higher level of support in the central median due to the removal of the existing public lighting lamps (SO 430) and the removal of the unused traffic sign portal. The project involves the replacement of the existing single-sided guardrail at the H2 level of retention for the entire section. The total length of guardrails in the central median is 3,500 m.


Dec 16

Colas renews its commitment to road safety

On Wednesday, December 8, Frédéric Gardès, Chairman and CEO of Colas, signed the "Seven Commitments for a Safer Road" with Marie Gautier-Melleray, France’s Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety. Over the last 24 years, Colas has been acting in partnership with public authorities to improve road safety, and will continue to play a strong role in the future with the new agreement.

Dec 6

Kácov bridge

The Kácov bridge project involves the construction of a new three-span road bridge with a total length of approximately 75 m over the Sázava River. COLAS CZ built the new bridge to replace the existing structure, which is no longer suitable due to poor condition, limited load capacity and unsuitable geometric parameters for traffic crossing.

Sep 22

Repair of overpass over Chlumecká Street on Prague Ring Road

Two new bridges will replace obsolete overpass in eastern part of metropolis

Aug 31

Aquisition of the Finnish company Destia

Colas signs an agreement to acquire Destia, a major player in the road and rail markets in Finland

Aug 31

2021 Half-Year Results of the group Colas

The Board of Directors of Colas, chaired by Frédéric Gardès, met on August 24, 2021 to approve the financial statements at June 30, 2021 and outlook for the current year.

Aug 9

Paris Olympic Games 2024: Colas wins a contract for logistic flow management

Mobility by Colas, the Colas Group’s digital mobility services integrator and operator, has signed a framework contract with the Olympic Structure Delivery Company (SOLIDEO) to design, roll out and operate "last mile" logistic flows for a minimum of 15 months, using the Qievo solution.


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